Fueling the Metaverse

Brkfst World is a collection of 6,969 very rare and carefully crafted brkfstsndwchs, served up by a few chefs in The Diner on the corner of a busy intersection in the metaverse.

Though Brkfst World began as an NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain, it has become so much more. From coffee sourcing and production to creating brand related merchandise. We are just getting started.

Do you have a Sndwch?

Brkfst World is still minting! Head over to brkfst.world to get your own brkfst sndwch!



Is this an NFT thing?


Yes, yes it is. But the coffee is as IRL as it gets. Grab some!

What is an NFT?


A non-fungible token is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and traded. Types of NFT data units may be associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio.

Do I have to own the NFT to buy the coffee?


Nope! Anyone can purchase a bag of coffee.